Fart Sounds

Fart Sounds

Fart-Fart.com is dedicated to bringing you the finest in fart sounds, fart noises, and farting songs (including our bizarre fart sound research).

Not content to merely fart in a mic and laugh (although that’s funny too), our fart sounds are what we like to call “the high-brow of low-brow humor.” A fart symphony, if you will.



Downloadable Fart Sounds, Butt Noises & Gaseous Songs

Fart Sound 1Also Sprach Zarathustra (click for .wav)

Or is it “Also Farts Zarathustra”? Regardless, Nietzsche himself would have been blown away!

(This fart song is 14 MB, but its worth the wait!)

Low-Brow Fart Noises

Plain old farts are funny too…
Fart Sound 2Long, Ripping Fart Sound
Fart Sound 3Sound of a Girl Farting
Fart Sound 4Gross Fart Noise (actually, might be a shart…)
Fart Sound 5Funny Fart Noise (definitely pushed)

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More Fart Sound Options

Extremely funny farting sounds are also now available in your own home. To hear these gitch-ripping blasters, just lie on your back, breathe deeply, relax, and roll back and forth from side to side for a few minutes. You’ll know when the fart sounds have come even if you’re deaf, since you’ll have to leave the room for better air quality shortly thereafter!

Add a fart to your neighborhood!

The world needs MORE FARTS and you can help. Just lift a cheek, open the window, and allow a fart to appear. Soon your friends will be enjoying your farts too!!

Fart Sounds & Noises

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